Juroku Musashi Board Game

Juroku Musashi is a forgotten Japanese board game from the Edo Era (1603-1868). This fun and challenging game full of strategy and competition, has been enjoyed around the world for centuries! The rules of Juroku Musashi are simple, two players are battling to dominate the board.  Join the 16 warriors and Benkei, a famous monk-warrior from the twelfth century, in this battle, today!

how to play Juroku Musashi

Place the Benkei piece at the center of the board and the 16 Musashi at the edges.
Juroku Musashi Board
Now decide who is gonna be the Benkei and who the Musashi. Flip a coin and decide which player will be making the first move.
Juroku Musashi Play Pieces
Each turn the Benkei and a single Musashi can move one space in any direction. You can not move to a position that is already taken by another piece.
Juroku Musashi piece movements
For the Benkei to win you must capture 10 Musashi. During the Benkei’s turn try to move in between two Musashi, horizontally or vertically, to capture them. You can not capture Musashi diagonally. If a Musashi moves to a capture position during their turn, the Benkei can not capture them.
Juroku Musashi - How to Capture
For the Musashi to win you must surround the Benkei until it has no more moves left. Be careful not to leave the Benkei inbetween two pieces or they would be captured at the begining of the Benkei’s turn.
Juroku Musashi - Musashi Win



The Board

A 1.5mm thick matte finish board

The Benkei

Juroku Musashi - Benkei

A 17mm and 4mm thick wood chip with an engraved design and glossy finish. Completely water-proof.

The Musashi


Sixteen 15mm and 4mm thick wood tokens with an engraved design and glossy finish. Completely water-proof.



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